Senior School Program

We take great pride in the fact that we offer one of the comprehensive ranges of GCSE subject choices, And at the same time Matric stream. The significant benefit of studying at Enablers is the freedom of choice to select any subject that bonds the student’s interest.

Primarily, in the beginning, students are provided with rigorous and comprehensive individual career and counselling sessions where they are professionally supported to choose subjects that not only interest them but will help to secure maximum places in undergraduate programmes at different institutes on national and international levels. Furthermore, they are also directed throughout the academic year with consistent career counselling sessions along with set academic goals that provide a solid direction and support.

Developmental Areas

We are focused on developing the creative abilities of the child despite lifelong learning and engaging activities. Developing a child’s curiosity in a healthy way through a series of activities includes:

  • Language Development
  • Fun and play
  • Circle Time
  • Physical Development
  • Creative Arts
  • Role Play
  • Sorting Activities
  • Sand Play
  • Water Play