Early Years Program

To develop better social, emotional and personal skills, children are required to have access to high-quality learning and resources in the Early Years of Education. We, at the School of Enablers, aim to enhance and work to deliver the best experiences for children.
We believe to incorporate basic skills at the foundation stage which is of vital importance. Therefore, it is significant that foundations are laid on which future learning can take place. A well-motivated, excited, attracted and joyful environment is essential for the children to learn more effectively.
SOE affirms to develop these skills in an:
• Artistic
• Inventive
• Original way
We ensure to foster creativity and develop the inquisitiveness of the children through our engaging early years learning environment.

Developmental Areas

We are focused on developing the creative abilities of the child despite lifelong learning and engaging activities. Developing a child’s curiosity in a healthy way through a series of activities includes:

  • Language Development
  • Fun and Play
  • Circle Time
  • Physical Development
  • Creative Arts
  • Role Play
  • Sorting Activities
  • Sand Play
  • Water Play