Academic Philosophy

“Integration of Value Education and Skills Based Learning.”

The School of Enablers Curriculum is designed to ensure that each child reaches their individual strengths. Our student-centred approach ensures that we provide a basic learning environment with attractive yet potential facilities for our staff and students. Academics at SOE comprehends three areas:

Academics (curriculum, assessment and examinations, career guidance and counselling centres)

Professional Development & Investigation Program (teacher training)

Quality Assurance (school review and progress)

The School of Enablers is committed to delivering a quality education program that will inspire, and motivate its students throughout Pakistan and around the world. Here, we are keen to accelerate the development of new teaching methods for active learning, expressing confidence from the unique approach to existing programs and processes that meet the needs of our students and support to incorporate a high level of achievement for the future.

In creating the next clear goal of what academic excellence may look like in our schools, there is an ongoing need to adapt our syllabus and equip our students with the skills and values to meet the growing needs of the future.


SOE provides a fully integrated value-based teaching and learning program to promote empathy, confidence and commitment to individual integrity and life skills to develop an active contributor to society. A friendly and supportive environment is provided to enhance the self-esteem of each individual and also to develop an understanding of skills and ethics that last throughout life.

We not only expect and demand high standards from all our students but we also celebrate the achievement of all.School of Enablers believes in its strength of approaching new ideas as it continuously looks to the future.


SOE provides skills-based learning with appropriate classroom environments in which individuality, problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, teamwork and active learning are established at the same time as knowledge is acquired. School of Enablers being a ‘different school of thought’, not only provides a regular curriculum but also develops skill-based programs with sub-skills embedded, streamlined, interweaved and structured to conclude in the form of assessment which leads to certifications.

These are:

  • Entrepreneurship Certificate Program
  • Mooting Skills Certificate Program
  • Enablers skills Certificate Program


The School of Enablers believes assessment plays a pivotal role in the teaching process; its main purpose is to improve students’ progress and efficiency. Examinations are not the only way of assessing a child’s growth in studies. Keeping in view, there is less emphasis on conventional testing from the Early Years and Junior levels.

Here, at the School of Enablers, assessment is a combination of different strategies used to assess a student’s written and oral work and are useful to compliment the purpose and the activity, for instance, it comprises reflection of student-centred activities. Our teachers are provided with the freedom not to be teaching only for the next test or examination but it also permits students the liberty to study and direct themselves in ways that enhance their academic education and individual growth.

School of Enablers guides an essential and combined, Ist Assessment, Mid-year and End-of-year Examination approach which is vigorous, neutral and professional.

End Of Year


Our Quality Assurance Program is curated to prevent errors, mistakes and weaknesses in designed policies, procedures and curriculum avoiding problems while implementing to achieve set goals.

We aim to provide uninterrupted services with excellence in education maintaining high international standards. Our quality assurance team is focused on providing confidence that quality requirements are being fulfilled.

One of the QA goals and objectives of quality assurance is to make sure that your service echoes your institute vision and mission.

Professional Development PROGRAM

At the School of Enablers, Professional Development Program (PDP) is commenced for staff to support and develop their skills & knowledge, specifically as they impart knowledge and add value to the workplace.

It is a self-motivated process that is achieved not only through involvement in formal course outlines but also through school-based professional development, professional knowledge, practices, cooperation, mentoring and participation in different activities of professional establishments, as well as self-governing study, exploration and reflection. Program Insight is as under:

process |
training |
External Endorsement
& Certification